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Re: The good old daze...

Subject: Re: The good old daze...
From: Slava Zanko
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009 15:49:01 +0300
22.07.2009 02:39, Felix Miata wrote:

Are you using mcedit to edit the .mc/ini file? Try exit mc, use
another editor and the reload the ini file with mcedit.
If it solves the problem, then it is a bug: the mc editor can not edit
it's own ini file.
I don't think that's entirely true. I always disable "auto save setup" on
every new mc profile, and have no problem with using mc's internal editor to
edit ~/.mc/ini
Yes, disable "auto save setup" will good solution for editing config
file of mc. Just a little lesson for understanding how mc save own ini file:
1) you may change any settings via options setup dialog
2) you may select "F9 -> Options -> Save setup" for saving now all settings.
3) if "auto save setup" option switched on, then at exit of mc all settings will saved automatically (like as select manually "F9 -> Options -> Save setup" and F10).
If "auto save setup" switched on and you'll edit config file, then after
exit from mc all settings will rewritten automaticaly (by settings of
running mc).
To avoid this, just switch off "auto save setup", shall exit from mc and
run again. New running instance of mc don't will try to save settings
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