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Re: mc takes 30 sec to load

Subject: Re: mc takes 30 sec to load
From: "Helmut Hullen"
Date: 19 Jul 2009 09:34:00 +0200
Hallo, Michelle,

Du meintest am 30.01.08 zum Thema Re: mc takes 30 sec to load:


> Maybe it was on the Debian BTS or the <debian-user> list.

> DO not remeber exactly but it has something to do if you have used mc
> to access a FTP server or a NFSA share and then if you close it and
> open it the next time WITHOUT the same connection (e.g. you are
> OffLine) then the DNS lookup will fail after 30 seconds and mc
> continue normal...

Strange ... that bug must be new in the slackware packet mc-20090514.

mc-4.6.1_20070309 didn't search such a long time, nor did earlier  

Viele Gruesse!
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