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Midnight Commander 4.7.0-pre1

Subject: Midnight Commander 4.7.0-pre1
From: Slava Zanko
Date: Sat, 01 Aug 2009 01:09:51 +0300
We have finally released the first preliminary Midnight Commander release 4.7.0-pre1!
This release incorporates many code refactoring changes, user interface
improvements, numerous bugfixes and new features.

Major changes since 4.6.2:
Changes in the core

    * Native UTF-8 support;
    * Support for filename charset selection in panels;
    * Reworked 'Find File' dialog;
* New unified search/replace engine with multiple search types: plain, wildcard, regexp and hex;
    * Extended 'Learn Keys' capability;
    * Locale-based codepage autodetection;
    * Initial support for Doxygen generated docs;
    * Build system updates (autoconf);
    * Translation updates;
    * Multiple x86_64 fixes.


    * Various editor enhancements (mark/move/copy/paste vertical blocks);
    * Multiple syntax file updates;
    * Source code navigation through ctags/etags TAGS files;
    * New option: 'Persistent selection';
* Delete/Backspace deletes selected block if 'Persistent selection' is off; * Ability to shift blocks to the right with Tab key and to the left with Complete key if 'Persistent selection' is off;
    * Show line numbers (optional);
    * Highlighting of tabs and trailing spaces (optional);
    * Added some hotkeys.


    * Show free space on current file system;
    * Show size of selected files in mini-status bar.


    * Editor undo fixes;
    * Upstreamed many fixes from the distributions;
    * Fixed segfaults on fish permission checks;
    * Fixed fish symlinks handling and fancy names escaping;
    * Various mc.ext fixes;
    * Command line completion fixes (mainly escaping);
* Small fixes in history handling (locale independent .mc/history entries);
    * Code cleanups, various memleaks fixed (many thanks to valgrind).

The new release can be downloaded at the following URL: http://www.midnight-commander.org/downloads .
We would like to stress that this is a preliminary release, which means
that it is not yet ready for production use. The goal of this release is
to attract new testers so that we can further improve Midnight
Commander. Any comments, bug reports and suggestions are gladly welcomed
in form of tickets at our new home http://www.midnight-commander.org
(please search before submitting new ticket!).
It is recommended to build Midnight Commander with '--enable-charset'
option to enable complete support for character set translations.
Hopefully this will become a default in future.
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