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Re: Mc Digest, Vol 61, Issue 10

Subject: Re: Mc Digest, Vol 61, Issue 10
From: chris glur
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 19:39:25 +0300
==>Subject: where's path of 2 panels stored ?

This problem should have been solved long ago.
You've got 20 mc/s in several VT's of 4 desktops.
When you need to access a mc which is pointed to one of your 8 current projects,
you need to know which of the 20 mc/s points to the relevant directory.

Now: lsof | grep mc | grep dog
 will give you the pid of the mc which has your project with file name *dog*,
curently [active 1 of 2] in a mc.
And pstree -p | grep <the pidAbove> will confirm.
And pstree -p will give a graphical info which allows to deduce which
VT is pointing to *dog*.

But !! lsof only shows the 1 of 2 mc panels which is
currently pointing to *dog*.
Which is not good enough. You need to know where both panels are ponting.

So where is the mc info kept, for the dirs of the 2 panels ?
Since "dog" isn't in the .mc dir, it's likely to be a global variable,
of the particular pid ?
Is the code for each running mc common/re-entrant,
with each one keeping its own data separate ?
The usefulness of multiple mc/s is substantially reduced if you can't
know which one is where at all times.

Surely someone else wants to solve this problem too ?

== Chris Glur.

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> Hi!, i changed my LOCALE from en_US.utf8 to es_AR.utf8 and now the
> files and folders in mc are mixed, before the LOCALE change, i had:
> .hidden_dir
> dir
> .hidden_file
> file
> now i have all mixed, dirs up and files down, but not ordered by
> hidden/non-hidden
> thanks in advance
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