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Re: mc v 4.5.55 shows strange bug

Subject: Re: mc v 4.5.55 shows strange bug
From: Reynir Stefansson
Date: Wed, 06 May 2009 17:48:09 +0000
Chris Glur wrote:
mc v 4.5.55 shows  strange bug.

file  /2dest/c.l.4th locks mc for F3 or  F4
but allows the same file renamed [to 'dog'].

This happens also when I copy the original file to other dirs.

My partial 'pstree' shows:

  which, I think, shows that mc spawns bash & mcextYXx2Za;
which spawns roff---groff-+-grotty  ??

and when I 'kill' the parent-pid of mcextnhTdHc, this frees the VT

BTW I have to use pstree & pgrep to find the pid of the problem,
because I've lost the name of the graphic 'ps-family' utility
which tabulates the pids with their names and numbers etc.
What is it ?

I'm guessing that the file-name/extention is causiing *off* to be called,
which starts the problem.

Except that 'this' file too is named 'c.l.4th' &m it's ok; so only the
original file with the name 'c.l.4th' is problematic.

There's no problem to: cat  /2dest/c.l.4th
 but to mc > <F3> or <F4> causes the VT to hang.

I haven't tried re-booting 'cos I'm not a M$ user, and we don't do that.

== Chris Glur.

PS. <F9> / c / f = findFile with 'contents'
is very useful when it works.
I needed to find the file containing "23:26:25"
in a small dir. mc failed, but cat <theFile> | grep '23:26:25' found it ?
You will find the clue in mc.ext. The files you are having trouble with
are named as if they were 'man' (software manual) files. Try Shift-F3
(or Shift-F1 if that fails) to view the file raw.
Why it affects F4 I do not know. I haven't used 4.5.55 for a while now.
I'd be moving from 4.6.2-pre to 4.6.2 if www.midnight-commander.org
didn't constantly shut me out after the first megabyte or so with no
continue-where-left-off.. Grumble-mumble-grumble...
Reynir H. Stefánsson ([email protected])
The Piper Cub is the safest 'plane in the world.
It can just barely kill you.

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