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Re: Building 4.6.2

Subject: Re: Building 4.6.2
From: Paul Marwick
Date: Wed, 04 Feb 2009 12:38:23 +0000
Patrick Winnertz wrote:
Thanks for the suggestion. Doesn't work, I'm afraid:
Yepp cvs is missing. But I've found the bug. there is a install-sh but this is only a symlink.. Please install all autofoo stuff + cvs in order to build it, or simply wait until we release which will fix this issue (probably next weekend).
:) If I have time, I will probably build it that way for myself.
However, for a build to go into either Zenwalk or Vector, I need
something that can be reproduced if someone else takes over maintenance
of the package, so I'll wait for the release for something to
Sorry for this (as this is our first release I hope that you understand minimal troubles ;-))
No problem. Glad the problem has been found.

Regards, Paul.
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