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Re: mc efficiency

Subject: Re: mc efficiency
From: zhang zhengquan
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2009 18:16:15 -0600
I have to move files around, rename bunches of files, etc...

Thanks for your review of MC and definitely I will give it a try and
it seems you have used rox for a while, I will also try other file
managers you mentioned.


2009/1/21 Jesús Guerrero <[email protected]>:
> On Thu, January 22, 2009 00:00, zhang zhengquan wrote:
>> Dear mc users:
>> I have been using icewm with file manager rox-filer for years and now
>> I find rox-filer not a very efficient.
>> Efficiencywise, could you please compare a competent mc user and a GUI
>> file manager user?
> I am not anyone to "compare users", whatever that means.
> We could speak about graphical file managers vs. text based ones instead.
> And whether mc will suit you or not will strictly depend on your exigences,
> what do you ask from a file manager? Without knowing that we cannot tell
> you if mc is for you or not. And even if we knew that it's still
> impossible to
> predict if it will suit you.
> mc can be quite handy for some things but I find it unpractical for others.
> However, for what a file manager can give, I find it quite a good program.
> When I need a file manager (which is getting rarer and rarer) it's my
> choice. Except when I need to navigate large catalogs of images, then
> I need to use a graphical tool.
>> I am considering to a console based commander in hope of increasing my
>> efficienty in managing my files.
> mc is customizable to an extent (but not superb in that regard), and being
> text based is a plus if you need to run it under screen or ssh. It's also
> light enough that you can have many sessions open for many purposes
> without filling so much ram. If you are proficient with scripting the f2 menu
> can be adapted to do almost anything (I use it to launch playlists
> or to burn files to a cd for example). It handles ssh and ftp stuff
> transparently
> and can be used to dive into your compressed archives and even iso images.
> Graphical file managers can be equally good if you manage to find a sane
> one that works for you (I could never live with rox, it's not my cup of tea).
> However, I never found one that I really liked. If I had to use one it would
> probably be konqueror or dolphin (I used konqueror in the past and it was
> good, but it had its own assortment of problems).
> --
> Jesús Guerrero
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