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Re: Alt-o in xterm

Subject: Re: Alt-o in xterm
From: Thomas Dickey
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 19:29:57 -0500 EST
On Mon, 12 Jan 2009, Russell Shaw wrote:

[email protected] wrote:
I am merely curious. I do not use the funny character mappings for anything, myself. But I can imagine that someone might want to use those sometimes and use mc on other occasions. Thus, I find myself wondering whether
  *eightBitInput: false

would turn that off completely, or not.
It seems it does. In vim, before i'd get "i" with diaeresis, now i get ^[o.

In gvim, i still get "i" with diaeresis now. Obviously it would affect
someone that wanted to see unicode chars in a terminal (non-X) editor.
That (having both alt-something and entering unicode) is what
metaSendsEscape and altSendsEscape are supposed to help with...
Thomas E. Dickey
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