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Re: Question

Subject: Re: Question
From: Roland Illig
Date: Mon, 06 Oct 2008 15:31:47 +0200
Andrei Chesalov schrieb:
> Is it possible to install Midnight Commander
> with no admin access (just from simple user)?

Yes, it is possible. If you already have the development packages for
glib2 and slang2 installed (look whether /usr/include/glib-2.0 and
/usr/include/slang.h exist), it should be as simple as:

    wget ftp://ftp.uni-koeln.de/util/shell/mc-4.6.1.tar.gz
    gzcat mc-4.6.1.tar.gz | tar xf -
    ./configure --prefix=$HOME/usr.local
    make -s install

Then you have a shiny new Midnight Commander as $HOME/usr.local/bin/mc.

If the development packages are not installed, you need to install these
packages, too. If you have enough disk space, a possible solution is to
install pkgsrc, with which you can install many other packages as well:

    wget ftp://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/pkgsrc/current/pkgsrc.tar.gz
    gzcat pkgsrc.tar.gz | tar xf -
    ./bootstrap/bootstrap --unprivileged
    cd sysutils/mc
    ~/pkg/bin/bmake install clean

In that case, mc is installed as $HOME/pkg/bin/mc.

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