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Re: lift panels a little

Subject: Re: lift panels a little
From: Frank Dietrich
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 20:47:05 +0100
Hi Evgeny,

Evgeny Klunko <[email protected]> wrote:
>Is this mailing list for developers or for users too?

I'm a user, not mc developer. :-)

>When I work under Windows I use Far Manager. There is possibility to
>reduce panel's height. So, I can see the output of last run program
>just below the panels (or the rest of output in case it has too many
>lines). Of course, I can always do Ctrl+O but for small output there
>is no necessity in it.
>Does mc have such feature? I tried to set output_lines=5 (default=0)
>under [Layout] section, but this had no effect.

This feature works with mc only on a "real" console (you can reach
with ALT-F1 from a X-Window session). In a terminal session under
X-Window this is not working. Why? That's a part for the mc
developers, because I don't know it.

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