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Re: Got lost ....etc.

Subject: Re: Got lost ....etc.
From: "chris glur"
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2008 03:08:06 +0200
   On Sat, 2 Aug 2008 14:59:50 +0100 (BST)
Keith Roberts <[42][email protected]> wrote:
> Well under Fedora and KDE I have 18 desktops running. I can
> then use the Konsole program (an X terminal program for
> KDE) to open 3 or more tabs, each with a different version
> of mc running.

Yes, I use KDE 3? and Konsole [the root one] and the bottom
RHS icon 'initiates' more VT's.  So from the row if 8 icons
I can see I'm in the 5th VT. But to see it's contents, I need
to 'open' it; which causes me to lose concentration.
Like having a book with 8 blue-threads for book marks.
At least the 'sequence of threads' can give a clues, because
a book is linear.

> Double clicking on the Konsole tab allows me
> to rename that tab to something helpfull so I don't get
> lost.

So where/what is this Konsole tab's location/appearance ?

   Jes?s Guerrero wrote:-
> For me, the natural choice if you want to be with the hands over your
> keyboard
> is gnu screen. You can open as many screen windows as you want, and
> copy/paste
> things between them. There are many ways to copy the selection buffer
> to whichever
> X buffer you need (for example, binding the thing to xclip or xsel)
> You can define a hardstatus line to see where you are, as well.
> There's a lot
> more about screen that can't be sumed up on a simple mail. For more
> info,
> subscribe to the relevant mailing list and ask there:
> [43]http://www.gnu.org/software/screen/
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Yes I tried screen previously.
It's a nightmare for the same reason the mc is a dream:
 no menu or cues !!  And re. mans that list the zillion
options alphabetically: that's like learning a new
language by reading the dictionary, starting from the
first page ?!

And now that I've persevered with this can-of-worms,
I've managed to hang two VTs - even after kill <screen'sPID>.

What we want [like my proper OS: ETHZ-Oberon] is to
1. navigate by mc to the file,
2. view/edit the file by mc,
3. AFTER opening the editor, only then decide to see,
simulteously 3 views of the file, so that we can eg.
in a 'lynx -dump' file:
 A. read the hot-link's description,
 B. 77 lines down, find [by (with Oberon) merely 'wipe' &
hit-search] the hot-link's URL;
 C.which we copyNpast to the top of the file, for later

Ie. we only want to commit to screen after we've entered
mc's edit/view.

So only ETH-Oberon can do these useful HCI-centered tasks ?


== Chris Glur.
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