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Re: Hex view when term not 80 col

Subject: Re: Hex view when term not 80 col
From: Felix Miata
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 22:33:54 -0400
On 2008/06/11 20:02 (GMT+0200) Roland Illig apparently typed:

> Felix Miata schrieb:

>> Is there a way to limit hex view to 10h wide for proper formatting. When I
>> look at a boot sector, 05 AA should always be bytes 0E and 0F of 10 total,
>> but usually they are 06 and 07, which is annoying and makes it hard to follow
>> and find things expected in 10 byte rows.

> It's currently not possible without changing mc's source code. If you 
> want to do that, it's in src/view.c, the view_update_bytes_per_line 
> function. Before the assert() call, insert: if (bytes > 16) bytes = 16;

Thanks for your time to reply. That's really a non-option for me. I use mc on
many versions of many distros on many multiboot systems, and would never be
able to spend the time keeping up with the 40+ different mc installs whether
or not I had rebuilt if I even had the time to do that, which I don't. I'm a
user/tester, not a programmer. I need mc to solve problems, not be problems.
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