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"TAB/BACKSPACE" block-shifting

Subject: "TAB/BACKSPACE" block-shifting
From: Vit R
Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2008 21:39:35 +0400

"TAB/BACKSPACE" block-shifting

    Good morning to the mc-team !

    my name is Vit Rosin (Moscow) <[email protected]> 

is for UTF-8 locale and last patch 
is my adding for "TAB/BACKSPACE" shifting of arrows-highlighted block

when a few lines are arrows-highlighted, - 
"TAB/BACKSPACE" touches all lines and moves them 
'edit/edit.c: option_arrows_highlight_lines_tab_spacing' spaces
by default = 4, but any other will do

when a single char(or more) is highlighted, - 
"TAB/BACKSPACE" touches all line 
so: "TAB/BACKSPACE" can be used to highlight and move a single line also

"BACKSPACE" moves them to the left
"BACKSPACE" deletes at the begining of highlighted lines all (' ' or '\t')

it affects only arrows-highlighted lines

F3 highlighting should be as it goes

when  "TAB", "BackSpace", "Save" or "Save_As" are pressed
highlight is still on
any other key press should unmark highlighted area


Your Vit 



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