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Re: mc and svgalib

Subject: Re: mc and svgalib
From: Reynir Stefansson
Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 17:35:48 +0000
Saith Chris Glur:
> Try to write in a less flowery style.
> What does "tap onto an image" mean ?

Dunno what it means to you, but to me it means moving the cursor (the 
moving differently-coloured bar) onto a file name and hitting Enter.

> I seems that you want to use mc to select & view <graphicFiles> ?
> And that you hope to use a utility called zgv ?

No. I AM using an utility called zgv. The underlying trouble I referred 
to earlier is that after a long period of using mc on my system (a 
rather trailing-edge Linux), output from certain programs begins to 
disappear when are launched by opening a file with the Enter key. 
Eventually, things wedge shut and I have to exit and restart mc.

> So to confirm that zgv is available/usable you could try:
> <zgv's-path/zgv> <path&nameOfSomeSuitableFileImage>
> Of course, using mc this needs only a few key strokes.
> Try to 'move forward' from a known good state towards your destination.
> Eg. can you view 'any' of the special file formats: *.doc, *.pdf, *gif ..etc,
>   by using mc's <F3> or <enter> ?

Easily. I did compile and install the needed stuff. Except for .etc - 
never seen any.

Reynir H. Stefánsson ([email protected])
It's always five o'clock somewhere, especially if you go by the sun.

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