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Re: Code editing feauture

Subject: Re: Code editing feauture
From: "Helmut Hullen"
Date: 24 Apr 2008 16:26:00 +0200
Hallo, Michelle,

Du (linux4michelle) meintest am 23.04.08:

>> case `echo $1 |sed 's/^.*\.//'` in
>>      c|h)


> The `echo $1 |sed 's/^.*\.//'` is striping the prefix/name from the
> filename.  E.g.

>     echo main.c |sed 's/^.*\.//'

> will result in

>     c

Better readable:

        case "$1" in
                # do something

I should test if "case" makes "globbing" (with ? as 1-char-joker) or  
"regex" (with . as 1-char-joker) ...

Viele Gruesse!
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