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Re: extending mc.menu ?

Subject: Re: extending mc.menu ?
From: Reynir Stefansson
Date: Sat, 01 Mar 2008 14:56:06 +0000
Saith Chris Glur:
> I want to view char(13)-line-terminated files directly via mc.

I think the very latest version(s)of mc can view Mac and Oberon text 
files already. Edit... no, I think you still need a tr | $EDITOR | tr pipe.

> Currently I can transform these file types to unix-text with:
>    cat <inputFile> | tr "\015" "\012" >  LnxFile
> so, I guess simply translating char(octal15=8+5=13) to char(10)
> is all that's required.
> But because I do this so often I don't want to have to create a
> new file before I use mc to view/edit it.
> mc's customisable menu can already do other similar smart jobs.
> eg. the one existing menu entry is:--
> 0       Edit a bug report and send it to root
>         ${EDITOR-vi} /tmp/mail.$$
>         test -r /tmp/mail.$$ && mail root < /tmp/mail.$$
>         rm -f /tmp/mail.$$
> .... or this one is close to my requirements:
> t       Run latex on file and show it with xdvi
>         latex %f && xdvi `basename %f .tex`.dvi
> -------------------
> Q1. is the above bash syntax or sch....?
> Q2. what mc.menu entry should I try to view my
>    char(13)-line-terminated files ?
> I've started & tested as OK:
> e       Show ETH-oberon format
>         ls *obn
> Thanks for any feedback,
> == Chris Glur.

Assuming your files are *.obn, you could try modifying ~/.mc/bindings 
(if you have it) or /usr/share/mc/mc.ext to, say:

    View=%view{ascii} tr '\015' '\012' <%f

After that, a plain F3 should let you view them. You can then add Open 
and Edit options as you need/want them.

Reynir H. Stefánsson ([email protected])
We'd make a great couple. I'm an anesthesiologist and you're a knockout.

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