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Re: mc and firefox

Subject: Re: mc and firefox
From: Frank Dietrich
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 19:55:16 +0200
Hi Dominique,

Dominique Michel <[email protected]> wrote:
>Frank Dietrich <[email protected]> a Ãcrit :
>> Dominique Michel <[email protected]> wrote:
>> >I am very happy with mc as filemanager, but I have a problem when
>> >lauching some of my local html files. When the filename or the
>> >path contain a space, I just get an error message from firefox,
>> >and the URL it is traying to load is stopping at the first space.
># html
>       Open=(if test -n "gnome-moz-remote" && test -n "$DISPLAY";
>       then
>(gnome-moz-remote file://%d/%p &) 1>&2; else links %f || lynx
>-force_html %f || ${PAGER:-more} %f; fi) 2>/dev/null
>I also try:
>       Open=(firefox "%d%p") 1>&2 &
>       Open=firefox "%f" 1>&2 &
>I also try with and without double quotes around %f and %d%p. And
>with and without the 1>&2 & part.
>But I am not sure that the problem reside with mc, because I get
>exactly the same false behaviour if I run into the console:
>firefox "/path to the/file with some space.html"

Does it work if you replace the blanks with %20
   firefox "/path%20to%20the/file%20with%20some%20space.html"

Is firefox the firefox binary or some kind of wrapper script to start
the fifefox?

   file `which firefox`

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