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Re: mc takes 30 sec to load

Subject: Re: mc takes 30 sec to load
From: Alexander Kriegisch
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 10:38:26 +0100
Michelle, maybe you mean 2006 and not last year? You might be referring
to this thread from May 2006:
Continuation from June 2006 in mc-devel:
Alexander Kriegisch

Michelle Konzack:
> Am 2008-01-23 09:52:13, schrieb Alfons Muhackl:
>> The PC I am using has two NICs. The problem only occurs if eth0 is not 
>> connected. running strace mc shows that mc is trying to query the DNS 
>> server???
>> It can't, so it retries for 30 sec, then stops and I can use it.
>> How come mc tries to lookup the DNS server at startup??
>> How do I disable this feature?
> ------------------------- END OF REPLIED MESSAGE -------------------------
> The answer is already in the archive from last year.
> Thanks, Greetings and nice Day
>     Michelle Konzack

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