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Re: Mc Digest, Vol 45, Issue 8

Subject: Re: Mc Digest, Vol 45, Issue 8
From: "chris glur"
Date: Sat, 26 Jan 2008 05:58:25 +0200
Theodore Kilgore wrote:
>But I _did_ have to edit my mc.ext file to use "display" instead
>of eeyes or whatever the GNOME program was called.

OK ! I checked that: display <*.png, *.jpg>
  shows the image.

And  the 'template' in my mc.ext is:
## Images ###

-------------  And for a file-format which IS currently handled, the
mc.ext format is:
# html
        #Open=if echo "%d/%p" | grep ^ftp; then $viewer %d/%p; else $viewer fi
le:%p; fi
        Open=if [ x$DISPLAY = x ]; then lynx -force_html %f; else (lynx %f &);
        View=%view{ascii} lynx -dump -force_html %f;
        Run with AppletViewer=appletviewer %f
        View with lynx=lynx file://%f
So I'm guessing the entry has 3 fields:
1=handle the file-extention/type, by: regex/\.([Hh]tml?|HTML?)$
2=run the ap. which displays the file. eg. lynx
3= ? I don't understan this "View" field.

What should we have in mc.ext to use 'display <imageFile>' ?

 == Chris Glur.
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