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How to search for files only (no symlinks)?

Subject: How to search for files only (no symlinks)?
From: Alexander Kriegisch
Date: Tue, 09 Oct 2007 17:45:37 +0200
As I do not want to steal Felix Miats's thread "Find File", I am asking
this in a new thread, even thoug the issue was mentioned there:

Can I exclude symlinks and/or directories from an MC search?
Counterproductive example: I often search for strings in binaries and
get huge result lists when searching in a directory containing a busybox
binary plus lots of symlinks pointing to that very binary. I would
prefer getting only one hit, i.e. I want to exclude symlinks.

Another time I might want to search for directory names only or for
non-directory names etc. Some search options would be nice to have. Are
there any plans to provide them? I am not using the latest release
preview version, but still MC 4.6.1.

Alexander Kriegisch
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