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Re: is mc OK for editing config files ?

Subject: Re: is mc OK for editing config files ?
From: "Voytek Eymont"
Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2007 15:18:40 +1000 EST
<quote who="Felix Miata">
> On 2007/10/10 08:36 (GMT+1000) Voytek Eymont apparently typed:

>> is mc OK to edit config files, with regard to what I'm being told I
>> need to do
> I've rarely edited any config file with anything else. It might be that
> some broken config file users might have a problem with a config file
> ending with no newline, but I don't recall ever running across one, and
> it's plenty easy to end the file with an extra <RETURN> just to be sure. --


but is that in OS/2 or Linux ???


Trying to always remember to do that is a recipe for failure, though....

but, yes, I have been editing stuff with mc, and, it's only 1st time I
struck an issue, and, mind you, I can not really say what caused my prob.


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