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Re: Feature Request: In Place File Renaming

Subject: Re: Feature Request: In Place File Renaming
From: Felix Miata
Date: Fri, 03 Aug 2007 08:45:54 -0400
On 2007/08/02 14:42 (GMT-0400) Frank Peters apparently typed:

> I use MC exclusively on my Linux system for all types of
> activities, and there is one aspect of it that can be
> very flustering.  When a file needs to be renamed, through
> the use of the "F6" key, only a blank field appears in which
> the entire new file name has to be entered.  Since in many
> cases only a portion of the original name needs to be altered,
> and since in many cases the original name can be quite lengthy,
> it would be very convenient if the file name could be altered
> "in place."  In other words, instead of a blank field, the
> original name could be displayed allowing the normal editing
> commands to quickly modify only the few needed characters.

> Would it be overly difficult to implement such a feature?

What it needs is a logic fix. It's already there, just not logical. Depending
on your version and whether you're running on a VC or in X, it's either
Shift-F6 or Shift-F4.

In comparison, in File Commander/2 and File Commander/W, it's simply F6 - if
the opposite panel is not showing, meaning move to new name in current
directory - while if opposite panel is showing, move file to DIR of opposite
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