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Feature Request: In Place File Renaming

Subject: Feature Request: In Place File Renaming
From: Frank Peters
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2007 14:42:09 -0400

I do not want to be subscribed to the list, but I do
want to make a request for what I consider to be a much
needed feature.

I use MC exclusively on my Linux system for all types of
activities, and there is one aspect of it that can be
very flustering.  When a file needs to be renamed, through
the use of the "F6" key, only a blank field appears in which
the entire new file name has to be entered.  Since in many
cases only a portion of the original name needs to be altered,
and since in many cases the original name can be quite lengthy,
it would be very convenient if the file name could be altered
"in place."  In other words, instead of a blank field, the
original name could be displayed allowing the normal editing
commands to quickly modify only the few needed characters.

Would it be overly difficult to implement such a feature?


Frank Peters
Detroit, Michigan

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