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Re: mcedit and mail

Subject: Re: mcedit and mail
From: "Helmut Hullen"
Date: 10 Jun 2007 10:31:00 +0200
Hallo, Pablo,

Du (pablo) meintest am 10.06.07:

>> Is mail menu usable? How? A config to do before?

> you need the programme /usr/bin/mail - just install mailx or
> mailutils.

Sorry - doesn't work.
The program "/usr/bin/mail" exists and works fine, but "mail" under  
"mcedit" doesn't work.

> further you'll want your mail to be delivered, thus you might need
> to install an MTA (esmtp, exim, postfix, sendmail etc.)...

sendmail works - I see much root mail (and other mail).

Viele Gruesse!
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