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Re: Thank you to the author of MC

Subject: Re: Thank you to the author of MC
From: Felix Miata
Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 13:26:03 -0400
On 2007/05/03 12:27 (GMT-0400) Donofrio, Lewis apparently typed:

> Robert Black wrote:

>> When I was teaching myself Linux about nine years ago and X was still having 
>> growing pains Midnight Commander probably meant the difference between 
>> learning linux and giving up as most work was done from the command line. 
>> I realized today that I never said thanks back then when it probably would 
>> have meant a lot more. Not sure what the status of the original author is 
>> but 
>> if anyone knows let me know. 

> Amen - its still a 'crutch' even in todays environment (-:

Much as I hate the differences between mc and my favorite OFM that isn't
ported to Linux, without mc I'd not likely be using Linux. It's no mere
crutch, but rather foundation. Distro packagers who don't include it in
default installs are fools.
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