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redefind meta key in midnightcommander

Subject: redefind meta key in midnightcommander
From: "richard cinema"
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 17:21:59 +0800

    i'm a Ubuntu user (yes, gnome desktop distribution).

now what troubles me is, in mc,if i pressed M-tab (default auto completion key in mc ), result is not bash completion,

but  switch to another window, that's because default meta key is ALT , and ALT+Tab is switch between windows under Gnome.

    so now is the question, how to make the auto completion in mc really work ? i don't want to change the window manager's alt+tab behavior, is it possible to redefine the hot key for bash completion in mc ? say, control+tab for
bash completion.

     thx in adv.

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