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Re: redefind meta key in midnightcommander

Subject: Re: redefind meta key in midnightcommander
From: Piotr Ozarowski
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 15:45:56 +0200
>    i'm a Ubuntu user (yes, gnome desktop distribution).

Ubuntu has GNOME as default desktop, yes, but it also contains KDE,
XFCE or whatever else you want (and is available in Debian). You don't
even have to install KUbuntu to have KDE, just install "kde" package.

>    so now is the question, how to make the auto completion in mc really
> work ? i don't want to change the window manager's alt+tab behavior, is it
> possible to redefine the hot key for bash completion in mc ? say,
> control+tab for
> bash completion.

try: <Esc> + <tab>, I guess it's not possible to redefine these keys
without recompilation.

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