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Re: Using 7z files

Subject: Re: Using 7z files
From: Pavel Tsekov
Date: Thu, 8 Mar 2007 16:41:38 +0200 EET

On Thu, 8 Mar 2007, wwp wrote:

> it seems that I can't get use of .7z files in mc (2006-08-12-18 w/
> extfs support), neither opening them in extfs, neither with F3.

Maybe MC fails to recognize your .7z files for some reason. It
looks for files ending in .7z and then it invokes the u7z
script to process them. Is there are chance that your .7z
archives end with a different filename extension ?

> The u7z is installed, but would I need 7z-related entries in
> ~/.mc/bindings?

Well, yes...  The global mc.ext file should have an entry
for .7z archives. But if you have your own ~/.mc/bindings
file MC uses only that - it doesn't merge the entries for
the user and the global file. So, if you have a ~/.mc/bindings
then you have to add an entry for .7z files there. The
entry looks like this:

# 7zip archives (they are not man pages)
         Open=%cd %p#u7z
         View=%view{ascii} 7za l %f 2>/dev/null

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