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Re: Lockup attemptimh file copy using shell link

Subject: Re: Lockup attemptimh file copy using shell link
From: "Peter A. Kerzum"
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2007 16:48:54 +0300
Most likely this is due to some permissons situation, Fish is not aware of, 
e.g.: file has its 'r' permission unset, but you're root etc. Try chmod this 
file to 666. Use 'clear VFS' feature.

On Saturday 03 February 2007 05:25, William Kimber wrote:
> Running Kubuntu 6.10 with Konsole,  shelled machine running Zandros 2.5
> Can anyone explain the cause of MC locking up when copying files using
> shell link.
> Was backing up and this file  " ...java/a/libjsig.so"  just stopped MC
> totally.  Previous files in same copy operation had no problem.
> Happened every time (3) with same file. "0% copied."
> Had to kill to clear.

You can kill fish subprocess only, that is child of mc, no need to kill mc.

> That not totally successful as was then left in some sort of shell that
> seem to do nothing.  Usual commands (quit, exit, help, cnt C ) didn't
> getout. Had to close Konsole session.
> William K
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