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Learn keys not saved to .mc/ini

Subject: Learn keys not saved to .mc/ini
From: Alexander Kriegisch
Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 08:42:37 +0100
I use mc 4.5.0 on an embedded Linux (Kernel 2.6, MIPS architecture) box,
i.e. on my DSL router. When logging into the box via SSH (putty client,
mostly) and using mc, a few keys are not working properly. The "learn
keys" feature works well insofar as it learns and uses the bogus keys
for the remaining mc session. No matter how often I save anything in my
user settings, the expected section for learn keys is always missing
from the ini file, consequently requiring me to re-learn keys for each
new session.

Is this a bug? It seems so to me. Is there at least a workaround which
forces mc to save those key bindings?

Alexander Kriegisch
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