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Re: Shell Link - Window dissapears...

Subject: Re: Shell Link - Window dissapears...
From: Chris.G
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 18:56:30 +0200
Thanks Pavel for feedback.

> Hello Chris,
> On Wed, 27 Dec 2006, Chris.G wrote:
> > Newbie having a problem with Shell link to old remote server to do a
> > migration to new linux server.
> >
> > When I go to access shell link, sometimes the popup appears so I cant
> > enter the IP address of host I wish to connect to..
> Do you mean that the popup doesn't appear or what ?

Yes the popup doesnt appear at times.  I have to manually enter
command line to gain ftp or shell link access.

> > Second problem, is when I am logged in, on right window, and I play
> > around on left window, I lose my right shell window that displays my
> > remote server files.    How do I get this back or keep it there?
> Maybe your left panes is configured to use the "Long file list"
> view. If you want to see the contents on both panels simultaniously
> you can do the following:
> 1) Press F9 to go to the menu
> 2) Expand the "Left" menu and select "Listing mode"
> 3) Select the "Full file list" mode

yes Full File List Mode is set already. The problem is that since I
have connected to remote server, from right panel, how do I bring it
back up or appear when I see right window is displaying again the
local file system.  Do I need to type in the command line again to
reconncet to remote server? As you mention below timeout is 900 sec.
How can I toggle this to make the remote panel appear?

> > Is there a way to secure that connection has been closed also when
> > this window dissapears for safety?
> The connection is closed automatically when it expires - the
> default timeout is 900 sec and can be configured by changing the
> the value of "fish_directory_timeout" option in your ~/.mc/ini
> file.
> > On my new linux box, I dont get lines as borders  but I get characters..
> How do you log in into that linux box ? Remote login or local
> login ? What is the value of the environment variable "TERM" ?

I use remote putty login to connect to my distance server. With same
putty, I connect to another server and broders display correctly.  Can
seem to find TERM in putty.

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