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Shell Link - Window dissapears...

Subject: Shell Link - Window dissapears...
From: Chris.G
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 05:47:24 +0200

Newbie having a problem with Shell link to old remote server to do a
migration to new linux server.

When I go to access shell link, sometimes the popup appears so I cant
enter the IP address of host I wish to connect to..

Second problem, is when I am logged in, on right window, and I play
around on left window, I lose my right shell window that displays my
remote server files.    How do I get this back or keep it there?

Is there a way to secure that connection has been closed also when
this window dissapears for safety?

On my new linux box, I dont get lines as borders  but I get characters..

So any help, will be greatly appreciated..

All the best wishes for these festive days..

BR/ Chris g.
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