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From: Reynir Stefansson
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 02:26:15 +0000
Saith Lorenzo Viali:
> There are three problems:
> 1. Sometimes when I access a zip file, then delete it
> and create a new one with the same name as of that
> deleted, old files that have been deleted still appear
> in the new zip, although I have not given `zip'
> options to include them...

That'd be a VFS 'feature'. I reckon it builds a copy of an archive's 
directory structure in temp. file space and hands you that to navigate 
within the archive. It deletes the temp. structure after a while of 
non-use or on exit.

> 2. When I (re)compile a program, `mc' seems to execute
> the previous version of the executable, because when I
> execute the newer version via `gdb', it runs
> differently...

I know that some shells cache paths to accesssed files. bash has an 
incantation to clear this cache (hash -r). Dunno if it helps *your* 
particular case, but since bash is prone to Rama-wails if you move an 
exe you have already used, it's a nice one to know. It might also be 
that your brand-spanking-new exe isn't in the search path, or comes 
*after* the old version. In those cases it's either 'type the full path 
to the exe' or muck about with $PATH. Millennium hand and shrimp.

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