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Re: Dar (disk archive) plugin

Subject: Re: Dar (disk archive) plugin
From: Stefan
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 02:04:17 +0200
hi Guus,

yes, the 'dar' extfs plugin works fine!  That's exactly what I was 
looking for.  Good work, many thanks.

I noticed it's very fast to open (browse) a big dar archive - much 
faster than opening an equivalent '.tar.gz'.  When restoring a directory 
with many files it's a bit slow, maybe just because mc displays each 
file being restored?  Anyway, I can use dar or dar_manager at the 
command-line for big restores. Even then, your plugin is a great help to 
check first if / where the wanted files are in the archive.

I'll do some more tests this week and let you know how they went.  Have 
you posted this success in a dar forum?
  I'm sure many of the dar users (few, but smart :-) can profit from 
your work.

My first (successful) restore tests were with dar version 2.2.2.  I 
noticed your comment in 'udar' :  'dar version >= 2.3.0' and next tests 
will be with 2.3.1.

Just one more question: "# Limitations: # - Block and character special 
files are not handled".  Could you explain this a bit?  I found a 
description for "Block special files" at  
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Character_device , but not sure if that's 
what you mean.

cheers, Stefan

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