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Re: Dar (disk archive) plugin

Subject: Re: Dar (disk archive) plugin
From: "G Jansman"
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2006 11:46:12 +0200
Hi Stefan,

You might want to check the mailing list for developers. I've sent you an 
answer on March 22 and an updated 'dar' plugin (amongst others) on April 3.

Since I don't use 'dar' personally I'm not sure whether the functionality is 
what you are looking for. Please let me know whether the plugin meets your 
requirements (and eventually what's missing).

Guus Jansman

>hi all,
>Who could help to create a 'dar' plugin for mc?
>I use 'dar' <http://dar.linux.free.fr/> to backup a few servers, full + 
>differential, just works great. To browse
>the dar archive, kdar is fine, but it crashes often when restoring big 
>I know this has been asked a while ago, but maybe someone gave it a try?
>cheers, and thanks for the great MC
>*Stefan Jansen*

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