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Re: Find File: Skip Directory matching a pattern

Subject: Re: Find File: Skip Directory matching a pattern
From: Pavel Tsekov
Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2006 15:20:04 +0300 EEST
On Thu, 1 Jun 2006, Nabil Sayegh wrote:

Am Donnerstag, 1. Juni 2006 15:02 schrieb Nabil Sayegh:
Please find attached a cleaned patch
I'm awfully sorry, but there was still a bug if find_ignore_dirs wasn't
specified at all :(

final patch attached
It is not immediatly obvious that all three patches should be applied
to get the final version. Please, resubmit a real final patch.

Btw there is a problem with your patch:

@@ -520,10 +519,7 @@
     ftpfs_proxy_host = do_load_string ("Misc", "ftp_proxy_host", "gate");

-    load_string ("Misc", "find_ignore_dirs", "", setup_color_string,
-                sizeof (setup_color_string));
-    if (setup_color_string [0])
-       find_ignore_dirs = g_strconcat ("", setup_color_string, "", (char *) 
+    find_ignore_dirs = do_load_string ("Misc", "find_ignore_dirs", "");

do_load_string is not defined if USE_NETCODE is not set.
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