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Re: Find File: Skip Directory matching a pattern

Subject: Re: Find File: Skip Directory matching a pattern
From: Nabil Sayegh
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2006 15:02:07 +0200
Pavel Roskin schrieb:
> Hello, Nabil!
> Why does you patch touch setup_color_string?  And why does it change the

setup_color_string stood there before, I wondered, but I left it the way 
it was.
Please find attached a cleaned patch

> way mc shows the progress?  Can you limit your patches to a single
> issue, please?

Sorry, this was only for debugging and should have been removed :(

> Also, you patch changes the semantic of find_ignore_dirs without
> changing the documentation.  It seems to me that find_ignore_dirs is
> treated like a regular expression now, instead of being matched
> literally.

In the mail I wrote "I attached a patch that changes find_ignore_dirs to 
be a regex instead", but you're right, I didn't change the documentation.
I now changed doc/mc.1.in, however I can't change the foreign docs for obvious 

Also the string and(or) behaviour should be configurable.
Would you put the configuration fields inside the find file dialog, or 
somewhere in the menu?

 Nabil Sayegh

Attachment: mc-4.6.1-find_ignore_dirs_regex-2.diff
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