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Re[2]: DAR plugin

Subject: Re[2]: DAR plugin
From: peter kerzum
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 20:14:53 +0300
Hi, Stef 
Use vfs. That is you only need to create a shell/perl script that supports 2 
commands: list and copyout. Call dar to actually execute them and filter 
results so 
they meet mc's requirements. 
-----Original Message----- 
> On Sun, 19 Mar 2006, Stefan wrote: 
> > I'd like to know if there are others who would use DAR (DiskARchiver) 
> > support in MC. 
> > http://sourceforge.net/projects/dar/      http://dar.sourceforge.net/ 
> Yes! There are others like you who need DAR support. This question has 
> been asked several times and there is a bugzilla entry on savannah too: 
> http://savannah.gnu.org/bugs/?func=detailitem&item_id=15057 
> Unfortunately, so far noone has provided a patch. I guess this feature 
> will be implemented at one point but I cannot tell when.... 
> > I mean, like TAR fs support, just pressing enter on a "file.tar" shows 
> > you the content. 
> > 
> > I'm using DAR for big daily backups, and this feature in MC would be 
> > just great for easier restoring. (Kdar crashes often, under cygwin) 
> > 
> > I tried, but I don't know how to create such a plugin.  Any volunteer? 
> P.S. Please, do not cross post. 
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