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midnight commander and ssh sftp

Subject: midnight commander and ssh sftp
From: "fbsd_user"
Date: Thu, 16 Feb 2006 13:01:59 -0500
Hello midnight commander list.

I am not subscribed to this list so please cc me so 
I get a copy of all posts in this thread.

I am running the mc 4.6.0 port on FreeBSD version 6.0.

I can access remote FTP by entering this command,  
cd ftp://user:[email protected] on midnight commander's command line.

I really like this function, but for security reasons I have 
to use SSH to remote login to my ftp server. Using client SSH I 
am forced to use ftp native line commands.

I would really like to use midnight commander's GUI panel 
with sftp in SSH.

Entering "cd ssh url" into midnight commander's command line 
just generates an error.

Is there some way to be able to use midnight commander 
through a SSH tunnel so it works like cd ftp://user:[email protected]?

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