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A quick bit of maintenance

Subject: A quick bit of maintenance
From: "Reynir Stefansson"
Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2005 22:34:13 -0000
I'm sure some of my fellow n00bz will like this. I'm using mc on a Linux box
that puts out sooper-dooper-whopping 466+ bogomips.

Here's a quick bit of sh script sourced from my '.profile'. It goes through
.mc/filepos and removes all entries where the position pointer is 1;0 --
absolute beginning of file. Since that's where mc opens 'new' files anyway,
those entries are of scant use.

# Beginning of script
Tmpf=`mktemp` || exit 1
fgrep -v ' 1;0$' ~/.mc/filepos >$Tmpf
mv $Tmpf ~/.mc/filepos
# End of script

Reynir H. Stefánsson ([email protected])
 "I like that ravioli best. It's like backwards ramen in sauce."

  ("Girl Days" by Kenko)

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