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Re: A fork of MC

Subject: Re: A fork of MC
From: Stefano Melchior
Date: Mon, 3 Oct 2005 15:22:46 +0200
On Mon, Oct 03, 2005 at 03:46:09PM +0300, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
Hi Pavel,
> Recent events showed me that there is no reason for me to hang around
> anymore. Obviously I've managed to piss everyone involved in the
> development of MC despite the fact that I was trying only to help
> improve MC. All my efforts to help with the development i.e.  by reviewing
> and coding patches, debugging, etc are in vain. As such I decided to move
> forward and create a fork of the project. In any case I'll be supporting
> and maintaining the Cygwin package of MC as I did before.
I always appreciate your good job and the willing of maintain a clean and
good code.
I was wondering if the previous *dis-agreement* with the others and your
intention to fork the mc development from the current can be a good reason
to divorce from here.
I mean you and the others can have different motivation and reason to
drive the mc development to *the* correct road, not to yours or his.

My huge suggestion is to keep on staying here and try to try to seriously
manage the relationship with other developers/users, discussing a few
I personally think it is a pity to loose any of you, when (maybe) it is a
matter of point of view, isn't it?

Then who will break them, will be blame for his behaviour!

Please, don't fork.

Thank you in advance


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