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Re: Problem while viewing rotated log files

Subject: Re: Problem while viewing rotated log files
From: Oleg Tarasov
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2005 16:49:23 +0300

It is not possible to implement anything that suites ALL systems.
There must be a solution that suites MOST systems.

There are 2 ways to implement this situation:
1) if [file] in [manpath-dirs] use groff
   else use normal viewing
2) if [file] in [logfile-dirs] use normal viewing
   else use groff

Let's see. Most manpages are most commonly located in:

... (add here a couple of common dirs)

Also, you can much harder evaluate common paths to log files as they
are much more specific due to implementation of software and operation
systems and their configuration.

Considering all above I suggest to use first alternative. It will
suite much more systems than the second one. You can think other way
but read below.

Ofcourse, you will say "and what about others that are not satisfied?"
This can be solved by adding a CONFIGURABLE OPTION to mc's menu. It
can compensate your choice of either way of implementing.

P.S. I for example have never used mc to view manfiles but often
view/edit text files. Manual viewing of manfiles is used only by
man-developers (as I think). I think that most *nix users are not
man-developers but use mc.
Also viewing manpages is DESIRABLE but viewing logrotated files is

Best regards,
 Oleg Tarasov                          mailto:[email protected]

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