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Re: FTP Directory Listing

Subject: Re: FTP Directory Listing
From: /dev/rob0
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 04:02:34 -0500
On Thursday 23 June 2005 02:30, Pavel Tsekov wrote:
> What ftp server are you using ? Can you arrange for an anonymous
> account so that we can try and reproduce what you see ?

Since the OP said it happened with more than one server, I doubt this
is an mc issue at all. Does mc's FTP file system use active or passive 
FTP, or either?

> > > On Wednesday 22 June 2005 12:38, JM wrote:
> > > > When I log into my file server with mc, or any other ftp for
> > > > that matter, mc says I am all logged in, but the directory
> > > > structure is missing.  I am staring at a blank blue panel. 
> > > > When I log in with a regular ftp on the command line, every
> > > > thing shows up.  Is there something that I am doing wrong?  I
> > > > use the command `cd ftp://[email protected]`

This syntax works for me.
$ mc --version
GNU Midnight Commander 4.6.0
Virtual File System: tarfs, extfs, cpiofs, ftpfs, fish, undelfs
With builtin Editor
Using system-installed S-Lang library with terminfo database
With subshell support as default
With support for background operations
With mouse support on xterm and Linux console
With internationalization support
With multiple codepages support

Is there a NAT router between you and the FTP server? Is it doing
proper NAT of active FTP? If the NAT router is Linux (and if you have 
root thereupon) try "modprobe -v ip_nat_ftp".
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