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Re: Can't input accented characters

Subject: Re: Can't input accented characters
From: Roland Illig
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 23:59:54 +0100
[email protected] wrote:
- to type ô, I usually press ^ then o. But when I press o, I get the "Sort 
block" command;
This behaviour has to do with the 8-bit-clean input behaviour. The
letters '^' and 'o' are combined into the letter 'ô'. This letter has
the character code 244, which is the same as 128 + 't'.
The combination 128 + 't' is interpreted as ALT + 't', and so the Sort
command is invoked.
I cannot reproduce this behaviour, but it know where it comes from.
Please tell us which version of the Midnight Commander you are using and
what your settings in the "Display Bits" dialog of the Midnight
Commander are. That can help a lot.
The "Display Bits" settings: F9 --> Options --> Display Bits

mc --version

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