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FTP client problems with MC

Subject: FTP client problems with MC
From: Piotr Papała
Date: Wed, 8 Dec 2004 19:37:29 +0100

I have the big problem. FTP Client in MC works properly on root account, 
but when I use normal account it fails. 

I want to log in (it is ok) and then copy files (i get some errors), 
but the main idea is to edit the files on FTP server (for example PHP files)

so, I pressed F4 and... i got the message: "ftpfs: aborting transfer",
and then sometimes "ftpfs: could not setup passive mode". I have tried to 
setup Passive mode and without it using VFS Configuration in Menu... 

It realy works on root account. 

So, what is wrong? Do you have any idea? 

Thank you in advance, 
Best regards, 

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