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Re: [PATCH] make old escmode key timeout configurable

Subject: Re: [PATCH] make old escmode key timeout configurable
From: Denis Vlasenko
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 2004 16:25:35 +0300
On Monday 25 October 2004 15:20, Leonard den Ottolander wrote:
> Hello Denis,
> Could you be so kind to use BCC the next time? I am not so sure every of
> the CCed people appreciate it that their email addresses get shared on a
> public mailing list like this. Not to mention that it seems a bit
> overdone to CC so many people for such a small and relatively
> unimportant patch. There are more appropriate channels for feature
> requests.

I collected them from mc source.
> Plus this is not the best list for patches. Try [email protected]
> instead.

Ok, will do.

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