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URL parameter missing after update (PHP/CS3)

Subject: URL parameter missing after update PHP/CS3
From: wozza
Date: Fri, 4 Sep 2009 06:42:43 -0700 PDT
Newsgroups: macromedia.dreamweaver.appdev


I'm trying to pass a UID to a 2nd page after a user updates their
record. I'm using the built-in CS3 server behaviours for update and
entered the corrent page and parameter to pass. However, when the next
page is opened, the id parameter is empty. I've tried echoing same
field on the intial page and it works fine.

The redirection code that's generated by dreamweaver is:

  $updateGoTo = "complete.php?id=" . $row_Recordset1['uid'] . "";
  if (isset($_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'])) {
    $updateGoTo .= (strpos($updateGoTo, '?')) ? "&" : "?";
    $updateGoTo .= $_SERVER['QUERY_STRING'];
  header(sprintf("Location: %s", $updateGoTo));

And the resulting URL is:


Does anyone have any idea what might be going wrong?


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