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Dreamweaver CS4 and MySQL PHP Databases

Subject: Dreamweaver CS4 and MySQL PHP Databases
From: "kent909"
Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2008 23:39:33 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.dreamweaver.appdev
In my reading of books, watching web videos etc. I am finding myself with some 
questions that are not answered in this reading. My questions pertain to how to 
create a database driven website. I have installed MAMP on my computer and 
created the database and tables in MySQL. Here are my questions.

 1. When I created my MySQL database I don't recall it asking me where I wanted 
these files to go. Does it matter?

 2. If I have created the SQL database on my local machine and I do all my 
testing there, how does it get published to my hosted site when all is 
complete? Does this require that the MySQL database and tables be in the 
website folder along  with everything else?

 3. When creating the database connection in DW I am presented with a dialog 
box that requests information but does not indicate the relevance of the 
answers. Example: "Connection Name" can this be anything or does it have 
something to do with the MySQL database I have created?  Do I need the answer 
to # 1 before I do this?

 4. My ISP "Go Daddy" provides the ability to create MySQL databases on line in 
my control panel. Is the location of those files relevant to where my database 
created locally needs to go?

 I am asking for a lot but as I have said everything I have read only gives me 
a piece of the  process and nothing on connecting the specific choices I have 
made to tie it all together. So any books or websites that you can point me to 
that will answer these questions or just the answers themselves will be greatly 


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