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Re: Dreamweaver CS4 and MySQL PHP Databases

Subject: Re: Dreamweaver CS4 and MySQL PHP Databases
From: "kent909"
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 17:42:51 +0000 UTC
Newsgroups: macromedia.dreamweaver.appdev

 Thanks for your response. Sorry to be so thick on this but your answer has 
confused me. When I created my database a folder was created on my computer and 
it contains 3 files with my table name. Those 3 files end in .myd and .myi and 
.frm. If I move those files my database no longer shows the table as part of 
the database. If I move them back to the folder all appears as it should. So 
now I am confused. You say no files in the way I am thinking but that is 
exactly what I think. Your second recommendation is to do a "dump" of the data 
to be moved to the server database. I have looked all through the interface and 
see nothing indicating a way to "dump" the data. I see export, drop, insert, 
browse etc but no dump. In another attempt to simplify this I thought I would 
just import the same data file to the GoDaddy database like I did on the local 
database. Unfortunately I get an crypic error message that says there is an 
issue with user permissions.

 Since this has become so problematic and difficult for me I thought I would 
try a different approach so I want to introduce a new issue. So I have now 
considered doing a Spry Dataset. I have watched two videos and it looks very 
simple and easy. I imported my CSV data into a tabular table and have a nice 
html page showing all my data in a table just like in the videos. When I start 
the "Insert Spry Dataset" process I select that html table as my data file I 
get an error message that says there needs to be a unique id. Although none of 
the information I have looked at including the two videos say what a "unique 
id"  is or how to create one or the fact that I actually need one.

 Sorry to head off in this new direction direction but I just want to get this 
working, anyway I can. In my mind this all should be so simple and easy and I 
bet when I actually get through it and understand it, I will find it simple and 
easy. Murry again thanks for your help and keep in mind what it was like before 
you understood all this stuff so well.


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