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Re: So Many Choices In Design...

Subject: Re: So Many Choices In Design...
From: "Julian Roberts"
Date: Sun, 9 Dec 2007 16:12:15 -0000
Newsgroups: macromedia.dreamweaver.appdev

But, developers all over the world are still starting and continuing to 
learn ASP. I can't see anything wrong with that, myself.

Charon Cart
Ecommerce for ASP/ASP.NET

"David Powers" <[email protected]> wrote in message 
news:[email protected]
> Julian Roberts wrote:
>> ASP is not a moribund technology. It is neither in a dying state nor on 
>> the verge of extinction. ASP will ship with the next version of Windows, 
>> so it's guaranteed to be supported for 10 years.  There's been no 
>> development of ASP
>> since 2000, it's a fully rounded mature product.
> Moribund: "being in a state of inactivity or obsolescence". The question 
> was about "creating a dynamic website from scratch TODAY". If someone has 
> no knowledge of any server-side technology, suggesting that they should 
> start learning something that has seen no development in the past seven 
> years is folly.
>> I'm still using it on a daily basis, as are millions of others. For those 
>> starting today, there's not a lot wrong with picking up a copy of 
>> Dreamweaver and knocking up a site in ASP.
> I see no problem with someone who has already committed a lot of effort to 
> ASP continuing to use it. As I originally said, it's still popular and is 
> likely to be around for many years. But in a fast moving environment like 
> the web, ASP is not a good choice for someone just starting out.
> -- 
> David Powers, Adobe Community Expert
> Author, "The Essential Guide to Dreamweaver CS3" (friends of ED)
> Author, "PHP Solutions" (friends of ED)

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